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Work at home, play at home

The most responsible, non critical business and staff are currently, and rightfully engaging in social distancing. We've already seen bars, cafes, restaurants and nightclubs shutting their doors, or moving to curbside models where possible. The other obvious candidates for closure are sports clubs and other activity centers. Many of our clients and partners are avid golf fans, and while golf is a spaced out game, we're seeing closures.

In this modern work though it is possible to bring the links home. aboutGOLF ( provides an authentic, user-intuitive experience from tee to green. Their platform enables rapid improvement by capturing, processing, and analyzing hundreds of data points during every swing. But most importantly, it connects a community through online events, clubs, and achievement updates. ​aboutGOLF is the true-to-life indoor golf and entertainment experience, Immerse yourself in the game with renowned courses, crisp graphics, skill building games, and a custom designed facility. Our approach opens the new era of Modern Golf and disrupts the human-to-digital interaction space by centering on the player, their game, and their social connection to the sport they love so they can win the game!​ aboutGolf can be reached via: Alexander Liddell

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Another sport we have brought from the outside to the home is basketball. Admittedly, this was for a professional NBA star so one might call it a "home office", but we're seeing more demand for these home courts. Local building regulations forced us to build it 11’ below grade so as not to exceed building height restrictions. Overlooking the court we also provided a professional standard gym with custom training equipment. The Owner is one of the best players in the NBA and I hope some of his success was as a result of the unique home based amenities available to him.

Finally, one of the most popular family activities to leave the house for is good old ten pin bowling. One of the most fun projects we worked on included two full size bowling lanes made by Fusion Bowling (904 701 BOWL). Apart from the obvious appeal at all ages and the friendly competition this provides, bowling is one sport where an expert and a novice can play (Bumpers for me). The construction challenges were considerable as the exact dimensions of the lane had to recessed into the foundation including the hidden ball return lane, electronics for the scoring. We also had to construct an air tight chamber for the pin setting equipment that has to be free of dust because of the sensitivity and precision of the equipment.

The most important thing right now is for people to be sensible, avoid crowds, and public places. Wash your hands, and don't touch your face. Get creative with activities to do at the home to stay busy and active. For those fortunate enough to have an indoor sporting facility, home theater or game room stocked with entertainment equipment, use it well.


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