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Take a Dip! into our 20 year partnership with Claffey Pools

Those of you reading this from Texas, know that in the summer it gets hot…. like, really hot! For three months you can expect it to get well into the 90’s and even into triple digits. While we install the best and most efficient HVAC systems on the market we know that sometimes nothing can quite provide the relief that a pool can. Since day one we have partnered with the most trusted pool provider in the metroplex, Claffey Pools.

Claffey Pools was founded in 1987 by Paul Claffey and his son, Brian. Since then they have built over 8000 pools!! Over the years, Claffey have won multiple awards ranging from outstanding product to community commitment.

We partnered with Claffey for the first time over 20 years ago and have included in our work them ever since. We have featured over 30 Claffey Pools across projects of ours. These projects have ranged greatly in design and scale, featuring lap lanes, volley ball "courts", grottos, child safety equipment, slides and more. We - and more importantly, our clients - have always been satisfied with their work


"As a Custom Home Builder Kensington Custom Homes need to partner with the best trades and subcontractors to achieve the best possible result.  Their products and services are integral to the success of every Kensington Custom Homes project. In 20 years I have always found Claffey Pools and their staff to be 100% committed to the same goal of total customer satisfaction and consequently achieving our common goal of another successful home." - Nick Smith


"For 20 years, Nick Smith and his Company, Kensington Homes, has blessed me and Claffey Pools with an opportunity to work together.  As it has been since the very first project together, Nick’s success is due to his commitment to his clients and his unwavering commitment to always do the next right thing. Nick Smith is a man of impeccable character that I am honored to work with and honored to call a friend." - Charlie Claffey


If you're wanting to include a pool in your project we would be more than happy to loop Claffey into the conversation as early as makes sense in order to ensure the home we construct matches your ideal pool and outdoor living space. Also, if you're just on the market for a pool, we would certainly be willing to be a sounding board for your ideas and to discuss our positive experience with the Claffey team. 

Based in Westlake, Texas, Kensington Custom Homes specializes in elegantly crafted, custom luxury homes built to be comfortable and energy saving. The owner of this family business, Nick Smith, has over 20 years of experience building custom homes throughout North Texas and is an award winning building. Together with a carefully chosen team of the finest craftsmen and subcontractors, Kensington Custom Homes will build you a craftsman's product, and create an incredible experience. About > | Available Lots > | Projects > | Contact >


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