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Our top 10 reasons to move to the DFW metroplex

Transport Links - this one is big for us. With so much family in the UK, it’s so important to be able to get back to London with ease. Between British Airways and American Airlines, there are 4 flights every day to London Heathrow. An extra flight is added in the summer months. DFW is AA’s home and main hub meaning you can get pretty much anywhere in the US and wider world. Dallas Lovefield is even closer to the center of Dallas and is home to Southwest and offers affordable flights all across the States. Being in Central timezone means you can easily make day trips across the country for work.

Sports - it’s not just Americas team (thats the Cowboys by the way) in the area but the Rangers, Mavs, Stars and others. Year round there are huge sporting events being hosted at the amazing venues we have locally. If you’ve not been to JerryWorld yet, we highly recommend it!

Music - we are big music fans in our family. We’ve been lucky enough to see bands like CSNY, Fleetwood Mac, The Eagles, Eric Clapton and many others because just about every big act comes through the city. The aforementioned sports venues are all turned into arenas for the mega acts. For more intimate concerts there are smaller venues like the Grenada, Kessler and House of Blues. We aren’t too far from Austin either so you can head south for ACL or SXSW (more on Austin later)

Climate - Ok so it gets mega hot in the summer, we know, but when its mid November and you’re in the back yard, in shorts and t-shirts sipping a glass of red, you’ll be so glad you chose the DFW metroplex to make your home. During the summer, because of the weather you can go and chill out at any number of amazing lakes in North Texas. Our personal favorite is Possum Kingdom a few hours west.

BBQ and steak - it’s cliche but true… we have the best BBQ. Pecan Lodge in Deep Ellum is widely seen as the one to beat. We also love Hard 8’s up in Coppell. We’ve found that you have to tread very lightly when discussing this topic in the area. BBQ is a way of life here! As for steak you can go to Al Biernats, Nick and Sams, Pappas Bros or any number of places for world class cuts.

Arts - Not many people know this but Dallas actually has the largest arts district in the country! This unique area, which spans 68 acres and 20 blocks, is made up of museums, performance halls, art displays and even an art school. Fort Worth is also home to the Kimbell art museum which is a personal favorite.

Wild West - Texas is known for being the wild west. Obviously DFW is quite a modern area but there are various areas which have been kept in a way to hold on to the frontier past. Most notable is the Stockyards in Fort Worth. You can get a massive t-bone and then go line-dance the night away at Billy Bobs; the largest honky tonk in the world…. Whatever a honky tonk is. Also, for a classic main street experience you can go to Grapevine Mainstreet and enjoy some local flavors and antiques and even see the original town jail!

Austin - Austin is weird and proud. Its a great city. Not only is it the Capital of Texas, it is home to the University of Texas, a buzzing tech scene and some really great tacos. The city hosts both South By Southwest and Austin City limits. There’s never not something going on. It’s only 3 hours down the road which makes it a great weekend destination. You can also fly there in under and hour from both DFW and LUV.

Business - Businesses are flocking to the metroplex; the big one being Toyota. The knock on effect has been remarkable. The population boom and influx of capital has really put the city on the map. Jobs are abundant and house prices are on the rise.

Communities - Finally, and most important to us, the metroplex is home to many many well manicured, planned and safe communities. Cities like Southlake, Westlake and Colleyville provide all the necessities to any family wanting to set down their roots and take advantage of the North Texas boom. Two of the newest communities fall within our own portfolio. You can read about Legacy and Oak Alley here. Please let use know if you would like to discuss your move to Texas or if you’re already a resident, your future home building project.


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