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Don't sweat it, let us help: a guide to staying cool in the Lone Star State

Updated: Aug 28, 2019

Kensington Custom Homes adopted this methodology in 2005 and have used this successfully with one of the most experienced contractors in the Metroplex, Red Oak Insulation on every project for the last 14 years. There are several alternatives but none that check all the boxes for homeowners providing all of the benefits mentioned above.


One of the biggest foam manufacturers, Demilec Inc. have pioneered many of these technologies and the created the delivery systems to make it affordable and a simple choice for both Kensington Custom Homes as the Builder and our Clients.

Our geographic location in Texas with the potential extremes of weather through the year mean that the opportunity to provide a better insulated and lower fuel bills while at the same time improving the quality of our product and client comfort make soft foam full encapsulation a standard procedure.

In addition to controlling energy loss through insulation many appliance manufacturers have developed better products, more efficient delivery methods and lower energy use to achieve the same or better results. Tankless water heaters with instant hot water on demand, 360 glass such as Andersen Windows or Pella Windows and better UV protection and heat gain/loss control in double glazed doors and windows, LED light fixtures, limiters on hot water delivery to avoid waste and also potential injury, higher efficiency HVAC systems with variable speed air delivery to match demand changes, intelligent thermostats, remote access to control all energy consumption from hand held devices such as a cell phone from anywhere in the world, fresh air control, reflective coatings, temperature penetration and loss prevention through roofing materials and a host of other high and low tech products that individually contribute to reducing the “carbon footprint” of our homes.


All of this means that Kensington Custom Homes, partnering with specialist energy companies such as Ricard Rue at EnergyWise can take all of these products and services, design a comprehensive energy package and deliver a home where the energy consumption can be controlled, predicted and guaranteed to the Homeowner. Savings of 60% are not uncommon so it doesn’t just feel good the Homeowner also has the “feel good” factor that they are helping the environment.

Energy savings are not a choice for a Builder but are mandatory with very strict compliance to rules mandated by the Federal and State governments.

Every home we deliver, whether a 20,000 Sq Ft home in Westlake or a 4000 SQ Ft home in Colleyville or a remodel in Southlake have exceeded the minimum mandated standards. This has been achieved with our expert partners regardless of the different demands that the vast array of challenges the many home designs and features present.

To find out more about our home energy packages, call us on 214 923 7575


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